Monday, May 14, 2012

Wisata Bioskop: The Raid

The Raid is an Indonesian action movie made by company who brought Merantau film in 2009, directed by Gareth Evans, starred by Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, Joe Taslim, Verdi Solaiman, and support by many fighter.

The Raid has become a phenomenal Indonesian film in 2012. This film is the first Indonesian film that: 1) Globally released, first step in March 23rd, released in US, UK, Australia and Indonesia. Then followed in more than 50 countries in I guess 4 continents, I think there are no countries in Africa which show The Raid (cmiiw). 2) First film that make comic after the film, not film that came from comic or novel.

Why I’m interested in The Raid? Like I said in The Raid Gala Premiere, for me The Raid is a MEGA film, stand for M= me, I feel that this film is about me, my martial art friend, and identity of Indonesia, cause it bring Silat, martial art from Indonesia. E= enormous, this is something big for Indonesia. G= global, globally released! A= action, many media and person who said that The Raid is the best action movie ever. It looks so real, real body contact.
Up to now (May, 14th ) in US, The Raid which name The Raid: Redemption, has earn $ 4 million. That is 4 times of the capital need to make this film. And highest reach in US box Office is on 11th position.

I was lucky to get invitation for The Raid Gala Premiere. I get many invitations to came to a film premiere before, but nothing like The Raid. Other films just invite the cast and crew, media, take pictures and interviewed. But in The Raid Gala Premiere, they have Silat performance, they have more organized one, they bring film properties to the venue, like the riot van, doors, and other props. They also have special interview session for winners of twitter quiz like me. Yes, I get the invitation by battle in the twitter, quite a hard effort to win, pfhiuhh.

From this movie, I got a new community, big community! Now I friends with the fans of The Raid and other Merantau Film movie,it calls Perantau, friends with some of the casts and crew, and friends with other moviegoers community. So happy with that, more friends, more colorful life I have.

Now about the title, I put Wisata bioskop or Movie Tourism. Until today, May 14, 2012, I watch The Raid 9 times, in 5 different theaters. From high class theater to only 10 thousand rupiah theater -just about $ 1.05 or half price of McDonalds Big Mac-. I love to see how other people react to see the scenes, the fight, the stab, the death scenes of the characters that each one has “cool” way to die, funny scenes. Sometimes the audience praise the god, or swearing with four letter words whether in English, Indonesia, or local language, or laugh, feel sad and clap their hands too.

Big rumor just became reality, today Merantau Film announce will bring the film with Mike Shinoda score, also with English subtitle to Indonesia. That is awesome remembering that many expatriate lives in Jakarta and Indonesia who wants to see the film too. Let’s wait for the news ahead.

*The Raid banner taken from kaskus, you can find more news, discussion and review about The Raid there in kaskus, especially this thread --> click here