Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Think Positive

Pagi ini, blog walking, dapet kata-kata ini :

Take a second out to think about this: in your life you search and search for the right person for you. Every time you break up with someone you get one step closer to that person. You should look at moving on as getting closer to meeting the one.
by Ian Philpot

Hope it is true, in life, me -and maybe u too- have been trough related with several men, each has its own pain, own memories that I hope made me stronger and more lessons for the future.

Intinya si mungkin ya jangan takut kalo ternyata hubunganmu dengan seseorang terputus di jalan, mungkin sebenernya ya memang harus melalui "anak tangga" cowo-cowo itu sebelum kita nyampe puncak dan bertemu the one


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bali 2009

Full report of Bali 28 nov- 2 des 2009

-28 nov, Around 21.30 wita Landed in Ngurah Rai Airport, delay 30mins because of heavy traffic of flight (that's what the pilot said)

Go for meal, just eat Pecel Ayam, regular Toast Chicken Then heading to have a rest

-Day 2 Start with breakfast,my friend bought me Balinese breakfast.
around 9, me and other 7 friend, heading to Trunyan .It's a Village on the side of Lake Batur, Kintamani. it is unique for its burial tradition.

so, there is one tree, call Tarumenyan, this tree produce fragrance that even Java can smell this. to avoid people's visit to this village, their ancestor obligate to lay dead bodies under this tree. but only people who dies normally and married that placed here, if not, their dead bodies went to another place

So, we were driving about 2 hours from denpasar to Kintamani, have lunch there, then going down to the lake and make a crossing to Trunyan.usual price by boat to crossing is about 70,000IDR each person.

From Trunyan, we heading to Toya Devasya, just another side of the lake. Previously we were planning to soaking in hot water. natural hot water, but because of lack of communication, we left our changing clothes in the car, meanwhile like i mention before, we were heading directly from Trunyan to Toya Devasya by boat.But we did hanging around a while there, this place offers tents with facilities inside, offers package to go around the area by bike or other vehicle.

if u want to have honeymoon, its villas has great view, private jacuzzi and pool, and you even will have a butler of your own! cool, but well for me, it is waaaay tooooo expensive. So i am happy to have chance to visit and go inside it with friend of my friend, he is the brother of the Toya Devasya owner! cool...

Next, we're heading to Tegalalang, Ubud, beautiful sight-seeing of rice field, but we miss the turn, so pass Tegalalang.

Next, heading to Tanah Lot, famous and even a landmark of Bali, a big Pura (place for Hindu's praying) located on the rock in the beach.

- Day 3 meet my friend who is having his honeymoon in Bali, then I go SHOPPING!

First we have a breakfast in "Nasi Pedes Bu Andhika" or Hot Rice. Then went to Joger then heading to Erlangga a store with regular market price, i mean, cheap off course!Previously when people went to Bali, we will buy goods with low price in Sukowati Art Market, but is way too far from denpasar, so there is this Erlangga for an alternative (later there is Krisna too).ok, crazy time haha, buy this buy that, especially when i enter the accessories area, GOD! more and more things went to my shopping bag.

End up with my big bag i prepared before is almost full!

Amazingly, when this shopping time, i did not feel hungry, it is 1.30 pm, usually i will get very hungry. So after shopping i feel hungry and thirsty. Have lunch now then back to hotel.
After resting in hotel, heading to Kuta Beach to see the sunset, before, we ate rujak, starving couldn't wait the dinner hihihiAfter that, heading to Hard rock Hotel for a dinner.

Day 4
Busy day too...
At 10 am start to Tanjung Benoa, after waiting, I play Flying Fish then Jet ski.

to wait my turn to play jet ski. it was so long que! so i play on the beach

Next, heading to GWK=Garuda Wisnu Kencana God so damn hot, i almost never put down my sunglasses and hat.

Since its located on high hill, so we can see some Bali from here, we can use telescope by buy a coin 5000 IDR.
After so many photo session @GWK hahaha, we were heading to Uluwatu, Big Pura, located on the hill too, nice view from here.

in this area, we had to alert for the monkey there, they can take our hat, glasses, our hair laces.in uluwatu, we were resting after take the hike and the photos, just sitting and resting and busy with our handphones. i hold on to my hat tight, my friend sit next to me, and he took off his sandal, then suddenly a monkey took it hihihihi
Next destination is Dreamland Beach nice beach, with soft sand, and rocks and caves.

Move to Jimbaran Beach. we had dinner there, eat seafood, big portion of seafood, i could not finish that (as usual).Nice place, nice food, nice entertainment, they have street singer, they can play various song, various language of song. Also there is Balinese dancer, and you can take picture with the dancer.

ahh finish the agenda that day, going back to hotel then have a rest

Day 5
Last day, start with swimming in the pool, then breakfast, then pack my bag.Heading to buy more things to Krisna shop, big shop, but smaller than Erlangga, but they have several things that Erlangga doesn't have.

Then ride to Padma beach, it was too hot to play onyhe beach so just see and go. Have lunch @ Bianco Restaurant nice place, nice food, nice service.

Back to hotel, pack my bag then went to airport.....ups i haven't inform about the hotel right? I stay @ BaliSandy Cottages it was good hotel with cheap rate

Finally landed in Jakarta

Big thanks to my friends Yully, Jack, mas Noped and wife, enel, hermanto, budi, Anom n wife.
@Jack, sukses bisnisnya
@yully, sukses warung Semar nya

end of report :o