Monday, November 10, 2008

Indonesia Book Fair 2008

Indonesia Book Fair yang ke 28 akan diadakan tanggal 12-16 November 2008. Acaranya itu bertempat di Main Lobby & Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan. Dari jam 10.00 - 21.00 Wib dan diikuti lebih dari 100 vendor. Bertemakan “The Heritage Of Minang”, Book Fair kali ini memiliki berbagai acara menarik:

Haduhhh alamat belanja lagi dehh :D

Monday, November 03, 2008

Indonesia-Jepang Expo

From Me

On Sunday, I went there the Indonesia Jepang Expo 2008 located in PRJ area with my cousin. This is a must see event! Why?

1. For Japan lover, or japan culture lover, u can catch up Jsekai booth for taking picture wearing Yukata, a summer kimono. or IGO, manga etc. Then there is Shinkansen 3D area. this the faove spot. there is a schedule for the show. About the show, check here. i didn't see the show, coz so many people queing there, i prefer to see the expo rather than sit there n wait. There is obake-ghost house. i do not know what is inside, maybe scary things.

2. For "gratisan" or free gift lover there are several things u can collect, t shirt, picture, bag, ballpoint, notes, paper fan, button, bracelet, key chain :) some booth require a business card.

3. For environment friendly people. several booth has big concern about this. panasonic has "Eco Ideas" u can watch presentation content of global warming issues, then u can try to answer some Q on touch screen, then u can take a picture of u. On Hitachi booth, u can write short message about earth on a sticker then put it on the wall, they will pick some person to get a prize by the end of the expo. or on the NEDO - New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, u can find a scale model of a eco house, an energy self generated, and eco friendly material house. There is a Greenpeace booth too.
But there is something that i want to have so badly, no not the electric car, where u can test drive =sit on it while being driven by the officer, no, but the solar cell by sharp, i want that for my home.

4. For narsis people, sooo many spot u can catch, the prototype of jakarta-MRT on JICA booth, or some poster of the exhibitor, some cool and unique booth. and off course the astragraphia booth where somebody take picture then i get the print instantly.

But the most crowded place except the Shinkansen and Obake is the FOOD BOOTH! Yes we were so hungry after hours of walk.

The picture above taken when i was in my office booth, can u guess what is the name of my office?

But what made me tired is the distance :( yes there is a shuttle bus, but for each 1 hours only and only on weekend. the ticket is IDR 10,000

Come and experience it, open until 9th Nov 2008