Monday, October 21, 2013

Travel for Friendship: East Java

"Siapa yang suka dilapangkan rizkinya dan dipanjangkan umurnya hendaklah dia menyambung silaturrahmi." (HR. Bukhari no. 5985 dan Muslim no. 2557)

This sentence is hadith of Bukhari told the benefit of “silaturahmi” keep in touch with people. And since I have many friends in scattered places, cities and countries, talking to them daily through the internet made me want to see them face to face.

In early 2013, I start to think about this trip. Usually trips is intended to visit tourist destination, but not mine, I intended to visit my friends. If I go to tourist destination, that is a bonus.

Here it is, for start, I will visit friends in East Java area!

Saturday afternoon, 02:10 PM from Pasar Senen Train Station, by Kertajaya Train, I go to my first destination.


It took 12 hours from Jakarta to Bojonegoro by economy class train, so I arrive on 2 am.

When I arrived at Bojonegoro Station off course almost nobody there except officers, and when I wait for my friend to pick me up, a police officer who must be worried about me ask me about where I want to go. And I realize that I don’t know the exact address where my friend’s house located. But it was OK for the officer when I told him that my friend is on the way to the station.

Then he came, we go directly to his hospital, not his house, well he is a hospital officer who took night shift. Then I took a rest in his office, sleeping until morning.

Night shift is over, we go to his house, take a shower, chit chat with his family, and get ready for our trip to Tuban.

Before leaving this small town Bojonegoro, we – me, my friend and his wife and kids- have breakfast first at Soto Lamongan. With full tummy, we’re ready to depart to Tuban by car. Yep I didn’t visit any tourist destination here, but to know where my friend’s place for work and his house is enough.
So long Bojonegoro, till we meet again.


It took 2 hours trip by car to Tuban. Our first destination is going to a beach! It was about 10.30 am, so it was a hot day, but a bit cooler when we touch the water. Not much wave since it is North Sea, different from South Sea beach. After 1 hour playing with sands, we think it enough, well we adult who think it was enough, not the kids, they just want to play and play.

Time to eat, we eat seafood there, I hope fresh seafood since we’re just meters away from the sea. We eat while waiting another friend came.
And here it is he came with his wife and his youngest kid. 2 yo but so big kid huh?

After a while, we’re still waiting for another friend, but then we decided to go to my friend house and wait there.
Chit chat, playing, laughing, and since we are friends from plant forum, so off course we had to see his yard, his collection of bonsai. Have some discussion.

Finally my other friend is arrived, we go immediately to his house.
First destination at his house is his roof top garden. Full of plants: sanseviera, some flowers, many fruits like Putsa, Sawo, Kelengkeng, Jambu, Tin, etc which we can pick the fruit. I brought many putsa to my next destination.

Then since this friend like to fishing in game center, so he has sooo many dolls and toys! He can actually start bathing with dolls! So I take some dolls and toys as gift for my next destination. I had enough with dolls at my room, which came from same source, this friend.

It is time to say goodbye to Tuban, leaving at 4 pm go to Pandaan. This time I go alone, I take bus, it cost 17K IDR to Surabaya, from Surabaya I take another bus to Pandaan, and it cost 23K. Actually I can go cheaper, but my friend forgot to remind me earlier to take economy bus instead of “PATAS” bus to Pandaan.


Arrive about 8 pm at Pandaan, another friend - this time a woman - pick me up then we go for a dinner. Then go to her house.
After clean up and small talks with her husband, time for off to bed.

Good morning Pandaan. Lazy time. At first we don’t have any plan. Well actually we have, but drop it already cause another friend who came up with the idea had to go off the country. But voila, she offers for the same trip just me and her without her kids. So we went to Taman Safari! Yeay!

About 10 am we arrive, then go around the park with bus service. I go crazy like a kid who never saw wild animals before ha ha. But yes there is 1 animal species that I have never seen before, penguin. Took so many pictures there. Zip the story. Around 2.30 pm we go home and arrived about 3 pm, clean up and take a nap, say yes to lazy!

In the afternoon, my other friends came, a girl, so officially we will have many girl talks until the next day.
No special thing we did except eating, girls talking, laughing until the next day I had to leave Pandaan.

Around 1 pm go by bus to Surabaya, cost 7K. Less than 1 hour, I arrive at Bungur bus station, and then go by ojek/motor taxi to another destination, cost 20K to Tropodo


My other friend lives in Tropodo, Sidoarjo. Tropodo is area in Surabaya, near to airport, perfect distance because I will leave to Jakarta by plane.

Enter her house, I stunned by her cloth in bedroom. Cause it has same pattern I already have! Funny to realize that we attract to the same pattern.

It has been almost 2 years since we met the last time. So we just chatting (and eating) for about 3 hours.
Time to go home, she deliver me by her motorcycle to airport, took only 15 minutes trip.

Finally boarding the plane, and adding the excitement for the entire trip, the guy next to me in the plane is my friend to! What a coincidence HE gave to me.

Arrived home safely with the happy feeling. This is one of the happiest trips I have. Can’t wait to have another “Travel for Friendship” to another place and different friends.

Trivia: How many “friend” word in this entry? More than 20! Ah I love my friends