Saturday, December 23, 2006


ahh harapan, sesuatu yang selama ini masih ku punya
tapi ternyata
harapan itu telah terbang,it's gone I guess
terbang di atasku dan melewatiku...

berarti saatnya menemukan harapan baru.....

ahh tapi kayaknya ku harus balik ke supermarket (ku baru saja belanja dikit)ku harus beli es krim nih, klo coklat masih ada d kamar, trus beli gorengan......

Friday, December 22, 2006

22 December

In Indonesia, we commemorate today as Mother Day, but since 2 years ago, this date isn't a lovely date for a celebration.

Dec 22nd 2004 at dawn, my grandma -younger sister of the mother of my mother or younger sister of my "real" grandma- past away. She got heart stroke that she already had for several years.

She was the closest grandma I had, because my "real" grandma stay in Jakarta while I stay in Yogyakarta. She and her family usually take me for traveling, short and long distance one. She also help me with school's cost.

Since she passed away and the earthquake in May 27th 2006, nobody lives in her house, some of the house is broke. But the main building is just fine since it was newly renovated so it wasn't an old building anymore that has high risk to earthquake.

Ahh too many memories. May she rest in peace. May Allah erase all her sins. Amin

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a wedding

Monday, Dec 17th 2006

8.00am I left my room, go to Senen Bus station, that is the meeting point with my friends to go to Ciledug, to Dani's wedding. On 9.15 our bus start to move.
On 10.30am we arrive at the venue, we met several friends n our way, Dilla, musashi, Kudo, Koer, this is their nick names.
Then shake the wedding hands, here is the pic:

The bride & bridegroom



We wait for several friends who will come. It was so damn hot! No ice cream, no flavoured drinks, so we just eat fruits and pudding more and more, he he sorry dorry Dani.

Since it is too long to wait all of our friends to show up, we decide that we will go home on 1.30pm. So, I apologize to bluedrag and shety who arrive when we are about leaving, sorry to Danny that we cannot meet, why don't u sms me when u arrive. sorry to Black Java too, we can't wait that long.

Eragon Movie review!

On our way back home, I decide to get off from the bus on Semanggi with Arie, then we went to Plaza Semanggi to watch movie, Eragon! check the comments and reviews of people here, in my eyes, well because I didn't read the books, I guess it was pretty fine, but who has read the books might get dissapointed because there are so many details that eliminated from the movie.

Before we watch movie, we went to gramedia, I met my friends in my previous company, they have a booth there. Then Arie try to find the Dan Brown's Angels & Demons Illustrated but it hasn't release or arrive in Indonesia yet they said. Then he find some otherbooks, he he I forgot the tittle and the authors, sorry, but he was so damn happy to find it.

I buy a VCD, a yoga for Pregnancy, actually I look for VCD for pregnancy exercise , but there is only YOGA. This is for my little sister.

On 7.30pm I arrive at my room, since this is Monday, I switch on my TV and watch the JAK-TV, a show, a Project Runway. Its a reality show about designer who competing. I like this show. I sthere anybody who like this show too? Who will be the winner? I think it will be Kara Saun or at least Jay. they have strong charactere in designing, strong but unique. Well that is my personel opinion, that doesn't own much knowledge in designing or fashion.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reduce Reuse Recycle I: Plastic

This will be the 1st edition of a series post about saving our planet.

Come on we must save our planet, in this case from garbage.

Few months ago, in Bandung there are massive garbage "ignored" for weeks that create unclean environment. You can read it here and here

We don't want it happen to our neighbourhood right? So I guess we should do something about it.

Hmm plastic must have big part of those garbage, lets reduce the using. My way to reduce is when I shop, always try not to ask for plastik and tas kresek, always prepare a bag to carry it. This wil reduce a lot. Especially for those who shops a lot, like me who shops for food everyday in food stall. At least I will reduce one plastic bag everyday if I do that always.
For moms who shop at market can also use this way, always bring other bag to put things they buy.

Hmmm off course sometime we cannot avoid of taking plastic bag. So, if you bring plastic bag home, sort it to 2 categories, the almost dirty and the clean one. We can use the almost dirty for bag for garbage or others. For the clean one, we can reuse it, use to shop again, to wrap things etc. And we can also give is to some shop.

My aunt usually collect plastic bag in her house and give it to my other aunt who run a small shop for daily supplies. So did my mom, she give it to some sellers in market near my house. And me, I give it to the owner of my boarding house, they run a fruit kiosk. We will help them for sure. And at the same time we help our planet with just a little effort :D

Thursday, December 07, 2006


UGhh I'm bored....bored of eating usual menus. I guess some of u feel the same too, especially when u are not live in your home, maybe u stay at a boarding house or dormitory, or others.
Usually, I cook for rice in my Rice Cooker at my boarding house, then I buy other things to complete such as tofu, tempe, many kind of fish, egg, vegetables. This is the cheapest way. But I always get bored of those, so I have some ways to overcome the problems:

1. Buy from different food stall. BY this method we will have different kind of food or even if it is same menu, we will get different taste.
2. Sometime buy rice too. This is cost more money than if I cook my own rice. For example, 1 liter of raw rice will last for 1 week, it cost less than 5,000IDR. But if we buy rice, every pack is 1,000IDR sometime 2,000IDR. So in 1 day i will cost 3,000 in one week will cost 21,000, so u see the cost difference?
3. Buy something unusual, buy nasi uduk, Bubur ayam, buy grilled chicken, gado-gado, or sometime just eat instant noodle.

Ok, we all sometime bored in working, in life, with our love partner :D and so on. Sometime I get bored going to office, this is my several way to overcome:

1. Wear different type of cloths, of we usually wear trouser than wear skirt, if u are man, don't wear knit or skirt he he, try wear different material of trouser. If u wear uniform to office, try to put accessories , wear different footwear
2. use different bag he he, it works for me....
3. Sing! put on your earphone or headphone and sing along, but be carefull, u might will disturb your friends or even your boss he he

Silakan berbagi tips agar tidak bosen atau stress.

BTW, I'm thinking of upgrading my account to blogger beta, so if somebody find any difficulities to give comment or anything, or need to have a google account and need invitation, just let me know.
terjemahan hi hi: Jadi kalo ada kesulitan atau pengen punya account google juga, silakan kontak saya yahhh, selama saya masihpunya jatah, saya invite deh